• History of Cox's Bazar

    The greater chittagong area including cox's bazar was under the rule of arakan kings from the early 9th century till its conquest by the mughals in 1666 ad. When the mughal prince shah shuja was passing through the hilly terrain of the present day cox's bazar on his way to arakan, he was attracted to the scenic and captivating beauty of the place. The name cox's bazar/bazaar originated from the name of a british east india company officer, captain hiram cox who was appointed as the superintendent of palonki (today's cox's bazar) outpost after warren hastings became the governor of bengal following the british east india company act in 1773. Captain cox was especially mobilized to deal with a century long conflict between arakan refugees & local rakhains at palonki. The captain made significant progress in rehabilitation of refugees in the area, but had died (in 1799) before he could finish his work. To commemorate his role in rehabilitation work a market / bazaar was established and was named after him as cox's bazaar (market of cox). Cox's bazar thana was first established in 1854 and a municipality was constituted in 1869.